Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We Are All Villains

So I keep a little black book with me.  I write and I write and I write.  Most of the time, inspiration is drawn from people that I see while I'm at lunch or something.  Sometimes it's about me and sometimes it's completely fictitious, made up from my head. Sometimes it gets mopey. They are all really short.  Most don't have any development plot wise, they are just snapshots in my brain.  They are like songs that don't rhyme. Anyway, I've decided to start publishing some of the stuff I write.  I'll take any criticisms or thoughts, just be gentle; these are first and only drafts.  Without further ado:

You don’t understand; nobody understands, really. 
Everyone wants to talk about motives:  “Why did he do it?” or “What was there to gain?”.  Even in the damn court of law, criminals can be acquitted if the prosecutor is unable to find a motive for the crime.  Criminals don’t need motives; you don’t need motives; I don’t need motives; villains don’t need motives.
Villains need an affinity for wrong-doing. Evil-- even in a limited, moderate fashion-- is an enticing thing to villains.  There isn’t a motive and there’s no need for such; person ‘a’ has something something, person ‘b’ wants it and then takes it.
I honestly don’t believe it can be much simpler than that.  Don’t muck it up with psychological analysis mumbo jumbo. Accept that villains have a desire for wrong and be done with it.
I suppose you’re thinking to yourself “Well, by that definition, we are all villains,” and you’re right, you twit. We are all villains.  That’s why I don’t understand the shock or the amazement when someone does something evil or wrong.  How many times have you taken advantage of somebody when they made a poor decision?  How often do you keep that extra money that someone left behind?
Don’t come to me with your wide-eyed, bushy tailed sob story about how Blaze destroyed your apartment building with a massive fireball. Wasn’t it you that spent your son’s lunch money at the casino last week?  Blaze was indulging his affinity for evil just like you, so I don’t want to hear it.  The bystanders are villains, the cops are villains, the city councilmen are all villains, the heroes are villains and the villains are villains.

And I am a villain.

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